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The F430 is Ferrari’s cheapest car and most performance oriented model. The 4.3-litre V8 sits behind the driver, and can achieve 490bhp, the car can reach 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds and boasts a maximum speed of 194 mph.


The stats don’t even come close to describing what an amazing driving experience the F430 provides. From the car’s very attractive exterior design, exceptional mechanicals, and very beautiful interior design the F430 is one of the most appealing cars in the world.

The car’s steering-wheel features a knob that controls the car’s dynamic settings. The car includes a sport, race and winter setting. The wheel also boasts an engine start button. The car’s exterior lines have been designed to compliment the car’s performance capabilities.

The car has many attractive cosmetic features as well though, such as the monogrammed rear view mirrors, and the very attractive alloy wheels. Ferrari has long been in the shadows of more prestigious and better performing brands. It is very possible that the firm has taken the lead with the F430 although, this sector remains highly competitive.


The F430 will be an expensive car to purchase and own. Fuel consumption will be high as well as high insurance premiums. The car is not economical to run in any sense of the word and the F430 is not for buyers on a budget.

The car has not been designed for cabin space. Passengers will enjoy adequate amounts of cabin space, and larger passengers may find it more difficult to get comfortable.

The car’s instrumentation matches the rest of the car’s materials. The cabin provides a very high class feel, and the dials and displays have a quality look and feel good to the touch. Everything feels modern and functional.

The cabin is comfortable but it is obvious that the car’s main focus has been performance and not comfort, this isn’t a Mercedes-Benz R Class we’re talking about. Enthusiastic drivers will not mind the trade-off though. The car’s seats do provide a good deal of comfort and the cabin has a well-built quality feel as well.

The car is highly accessible. The doors open wide and provide a large aperture for easy access. Some passengers may find it difficult to climb into the car’s seats thanks to the car’s low ride position. Most passengers shouldn’t have any problems though.

Parking the F430 is relatively easy. The car provides limited visibility, but gets easier to park with practice. The car’s steering makes it easy to manoeuvre at light speeds.

Life Style

The F430 is a performance car and was designed for speed. The car caters to the enthusiastic driver while delivering exceptional style and good levels of quality inside and out. The car delivers good performance and handling and will is one of the best cars in the world.

This is not a family car. Limited space and seating rule out the F430 as a family car. It would be a fun second car to have around though for families who could afford it, but it is hard to imagine the F430 as a family car in any capacity. Children may be hard on the car’s high-class interior.

This is not a first car, a second hand Fiat Seicento. It is too expensive, and even if a novice driver could afford it there is simply too much power available for a newly licensed driver. Plus, running costs and insurance would be too high if a new driver could even get the F430 insured.

Ferrari has always been seen as a manufacturer of performance cars. In the past the public has seen a decline in the firm’s ability to compete with top-notch contenders. The F430 will certainly be the start of turning the streak around for Ferrari.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include power door locks and a security alarm system. With a vehicle as desirable as the F430 a comprehensive security package is a must.

The car’s standard safety features include twin front airbags, ABS and ASR, crumple zones and three point seatbelt pretentioners.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s basic audio unit includes an AM/FM radio with 120-Watts and speed sensitive volume control and a CD player. The basic unit works well and delivers excellent sound quality.

The car comes with a leather steering-wheel and alloy wheels. The F430 looks excellent in black or red exterior colours. Red draws a lot of attention to a car that will already attract a lot of attention.


The Ferrari F430 comes with a high level of standard equipment. This is a very impressive performer and is not a car for novice drivers. The car will deliver loads of fun and style but also manages to deliver a very enjoyable ride.

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