Tips For Cheaper Parts

Are you in need of a new part for your vehicle?

Perhaps your car has recently failed its MOT and a garage has informed you that one or more of its components need to be replaced?

Well if you’re not already aware of how you can buy the part that you need online, you’ll be pleased to find out that the process is a lot quicker and easier than you might have thought.

In fact, it can take just a couple of minutes to do. Say for example you need a replacement exhaust for your Honda Civic; you simply select this information on a parts request form at a site such as BuyYourCarParts.co.uk or AutoOnline.co.uk.

Once you submit this request, it is sent directly to hundreds of parts suppliers and brokers all over the country. The suppliers who have the part in stock will then reply directly to you via email with quotes – usually within just 10 to 15 minutes.

All you need to do is compare the quotes you receive and choose the best deal. It saves you the hassle of travelling down to your local garage and ensures that you pay the cheapest price.

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MOT and Servicing Made Simple

When you take a good look at the current state of the economy, we should really be doing everything we can to save money, or at least make a conscious effort to search for bargains. Ok, so we’re not all going to live solely on bread and water and we’re not going to stop enjoying a Saturday night out on the town, but when it comes to certain expenses there really are savings right under our nose – we just don’t always see them.land-rover-range-rover-sport_l

One aspect of life warrants significant costs for the vast majority of us as adults is driving. It’s a necessity for many, but there are ways to keep your costs to a minimum. For example, don’t by a fuel-guzzling Range Rover Sport; go for something more economical such as a used Nissan Micra.
At the end of the day, you may have to sacrifice some luxury and speed but a used vehicle will still get you from A to B and for a much cheaper cost.

Another way in which you can go about saving money on driving expenses is through servicing and MOTs. Consider how you usually go about getting a service or MOT completed for you vehicle. Do you just take it down to the closest garage and accept the first price you’re quoted? Because that’s what the majority of motorists do, and to be fair until now it’s been difficult to know whether there are cheaper deals out there or not.

However thanks to a brand new service provided by automotive site BuyYourCar.co.uk, the first of its kind in the UK, all that is about to change. They have introduced a service and MOT online comparison system which allows drivers to enter their location and the make and model of their vehicle; within seconds a list of garages complete with comprehensive pricing information are generated and displayed in a list ordered by distance from said postcode.
This enables a person to see what different garages are charging in their area, and makes it easy to see which one offers the best deals. It’s that easy and it could save you £££s not to mention plenty of time.

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Top 5 Premier League Crashes


These days if you’re lucky enough to be a Premier League footballer, you’re going to be earning more money than you can spend and it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll be purchasing an expensive vehicle.

Servicing costs aren’t an issue and you’ve never cared less about road tax or fuel economy. However, young, rich footballers plus expensive, fast cars equals a recipe for disaster. As such there have been numerous stories of Premier League players writing off their vehicles in the most stylish fashion possible. Here are our top five Premier League car crashes.


Mario Balotelli
Former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli crashed his Audi R8 just weeks after signing for the club. Police arrived on scene to discover that the controversial striker had £5,000 cash in his back pocket – that’s enough to buy a used Ford Focus! When they asked him why he had this much cash on him, he simply replied, nonplussed, “Because I am rich”. Superb.


Karim Benzema
The Real Madrid talisman was caught up in an accident after a race between a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Porsche 911 – wow, who’d have thought that race could end badly? What is a mystery however is which car Benzema was actually driving. It’s quite possible he wasn’t sure himself.


Jermaine Jenas
England midfielder Jenas obviously doesn’t pay too much attention when he’s behind the wheel – he crashed his Bentley Continental GT into the back of a van. Not as bad as some of the aforementioned culprits, but still a fair amount of damage and he’ll most likely need a new bonnet.


Cristiano Ronaldo
A Ferrari 599 GTB is a fitting car for the world’s most expensive footballer. Cristiano couldn’t keep it in tact for long however, crashing in a tunnel near Manchester Airport in 2007. Police arrived to find him crying on the ground.


Nicklas Bendtner
Former Arsenal frontman Bendtner certainly is aptly named – no, not because of the way he can bend a football, but down to him wrapping his Aston Marin DBS around a tree in Hertfordshire. When you look at the car it’s evident that old Nicky really did have a lucky escape. The same cannot be said for the DBS.

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